Throw the whole day away or breathe...

Have you ever just been so irritated that you just want to throw the whole day away?!!! I know I do! It does not happen very often but when it does it seems like more and more things start to go wrong when I focus on the bad stuff or things that are irritating me.

I am very aware of who and what I give power to over my emotions but sometimes life happens and its inevitable to get caught up in your feelings.

Yesterday I realized this was happening and no matter how much I tried to shift my thoughts I simply could not shake off my bad mood. I was ready to "THROW THE WHOLE DAY AWAY!" I then realized I could not allow others and outside circumstances to have THAT MUCH effect on me. I knew I had to shift my energy asap! I decided to do what makes me happy to ease up my mood. So I went to the grocery store and came home with a bunch of healthy things to meal prep, I blasted my music and began to release the negative thoughts and energy I was holding on to. Then I grabbed my stuff and went for a run! On my run I kept thinking happy thoughts, I kept thinking about all the amazing things going on in my life. I just kept inhaling, hold... exhale... hold...

I got home, showered and got in bed with a facemask. I simply forced myself to shift my energy into good energy.

It is so easy for us to get caught up and our thoughts or allow others to have power over our happiness but we have to remember that we have the final say as to how we feel and we energy we want to hold on to. Next time you are ready to throw the day away, stop and ask yourself what can you do to change the rest of your day. What are some things that make you happy or make you vibrate on a higher level?



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