| Listen... I seriously don’t understand why people get envious of other people’s success. Use that as a measure to step your game up! Stop lookin at others’ blessings and focus on your own. You won’t grow externally if you don’t learn to grow internally. I see women so jealous of others (even though they are successful) and all it does is slow down their own growth and success. STOP THAT! Everyone is beautiful and Hod gave everyone their own talents and purpose! Instead of snearing at someone doing better work on finding your purpose and go catch your own blessings. EVERYONE has blessings with their names on them.. don’t miss out on them just because you didn’t go searching for your own! Shout out to all the babes out there who get this and are catchin everything with their name on it! #MotivationMonday #BossBabes #ArieRose #SlayInEveryway #FightTheFunk

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