The pep talk...

“You got this Arie, you can do this. Push through Arie. You’re blessings have arrived, be the best you!”

Are all things I tell myself as I workout or when I’m absolutely drained and feel like I don’t want to send out that last newsletter or create that flyer. This is how I motivate myself. This is how I push myself. There are plenty of days when I don’t want to workout or work on something. It’s tough being an entrepreneur and building a brand but my pep talks are what help me get ahead.

I remind myself of all the times I prayed to have all this work. I remind myself of how much I prayed for these blessings that I know have to be the best version of myself in order to hold on to them. I remind myself that today’s sacrifice will pay off tomorrow.

What are you will to sacrifice in order to become a better you tomorrow? What pep talks can you give yourself in order to push through?

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