The Front of a magazine...

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to grace the front cover of a magazine? I have. I have thought about be glitz and glam but no one really thinks about the hard work behind being recognized. This morning I woke up to this news.

This is so dope seeing a young boss woman gracing the front of Forbes for creating an empire. Now I know many aren’t fans of the Kardashians but this babe deserves this spot on @Forbes It takes balls, confidence, courage and persistence to go for what you believe in. So many people are worried if people will like what you produce or the product you deliver. She lives under the scrutiny of the world and yet she continues to work hard with her team to deliver great products to the world. I salute that. To become a millionaire you have to have one hell of a work ethic but to become a billionaire, now that’s a whole other level. All I’m saying is if you believe in your dream you first need to believe in yourself, Fxck what people may think, dream big and then work hard AF for it. You never know, you could be next on this cover. Ps the only thing I would change about this cover is it says “Self made”... no one is self made, we are God made. #womenentrepreneur #fightthefunk #arierose #forbes #kyliejenner #KylieJennerForbes

What are your thoughts? Do you have what it takes to grace a front cover? Of course you do, we all do. It just depends on how hard we work for what we believe in.

Happy Wednesday #SlaySquad

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