The best month ever...

I love May. For one, it is my birthday and secondly, the weather begins to warm up! I start coming out of my cocoon. I begin to analyze what I have accomplished in the last 365 days and what I want to do not only on this new month but my next birth year.

Beginning of the months are great for setting goals. I like to set baby goals. I find it hard to set long term goals. It's like, I know what I want, but a lot of times my direction I think I want, shifts. God is great at rejecting and redirecting.

Some of my short term goals for this month are, lose 5 pounds, workout 5 days a week, pay one credit card off, only consume TWO glasses of wine per week and eat what my body needs, not what I WANT.

These are small habits I am working on daily. It allows me to test my self discipline and to really be honest to myself as to where my weakness lies. I like to test myself often to see what areas in my life need work and what areas I need to focus on.

May 17 I will be one year older, one year wiser and I would like to be able to say the BEST version of Arie by far! What are some of your goals for this new month. If you don't have any YET, take some time to write some down today!



If you are struggling with giving yourself a reality check and setting goals make sure to grab a copy of my book "Fight The Funk" available on amazon.