Taking in 2018

Wow, I can't believe another year has gone by! Just like that *snaps finger! Do you remember being 18 years old and thinking "I can not wait to turn 21" and back then it took forever to turn 21. I remember counting down the days and they would go by so slow. Now I blink and the birthdays come around faster than ever. (Major thanks to God for blessing me with every single birthday I have had). Here is what I want to tell you on this New Year. 

1) Don't wait for tomorrow for what you can accomplish today. Procrastination is the number one dream killer. You will never reach your dreams and goals if you keep putting it on hold. 

2) Don't worry what people think. If you aren't happy with where you are or who you've become, CHANGE! Reinvent, reinvent and then reinvent yourself some more. Don't worry what people will think or say about you, do you and watch your purpose reveal itself. 

3) Put your phone down! Social media and our smart phones have us existing, not living. Be present. LIVE! Most importantly you could be building your empire with those 3 hours a day you spend that on your phone. 3 hours a day x 7 days a week= 21 hours a week on social media! That's a part time job! 

4) Closed mouths don't get fed! Ask for what you want. Don't be afraid of being told no! The worst thing that can happen is you remain the same (temporarily), best case scenario you get what you want! =)

5) Stop overthinking. Overthinking kills everything. STOP DRIVING YOURSELF NUTS! (this probably needs it's own webinar huh?) lol. 

6) Love.I know we live in an era where love is just so weird, hard.. I mean the list could go on. We have all been hurt, we all have trust issues (some more than others) but Love is a beautiful thing. Surround yourself with good people and love them. Like seriously, spread LOVE! 

7) Don't compare yourself to anyone. You are unique, you are amazing and you are right on track. Don't worry what anyone else is doing. Do you, you'll get there when its your time. 

Last but not least.. 

8) Slay. Literally in everyway. Improve in every aspect in your life. Learn to cook, learn a new recipe, read some books, go to church more. Grow in every way you can and become the best you EVER! It is in you! That new you is dying to come out and show out! So do that! 

I am again, ever so thankful for you, your support and your love! You have been one of my biggest blessings in 2017! In return I promise to give you the best of me in 2018 so we can become the best us together! 

Don't forget, my book "Fight the Funk" is available in paperback on as well as on Kindle.

Fight the Funk is an interactive book that makes you view things in a different way. It allows you to set goals and guides you to accomplishing them. This book was created to remind you of how great you are and that you can accomplish anything your heart desires. I hope you all get a copy... or two! Oh and if you buy the paperback you get it on kindle for .99! =) 

HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIEND!! Let's kick ass and slay the heck out of 2018! It's time to show up and show out! WE GOT THIS!

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