Take that leap today!

No one can motivate you more than you can motivate yourself!! You are your biggest cheerleader or you can opt for the opposite and be your own set back! Your mind determines which way you go in life or if you even move upward in your goals. Take the time today to really pay attention to how you speak to yourself in your mind. Are you always doubting yourself and telling yourself your "lazy", "not smart enough", "not good enough" or "you'll never be able to do that"? Well if that is what you are telling yourself then you are right. However, if you are telling yourself "you got this", "this is easy breezy", "you can go just a bit further" or "of course I am good enough" then that is what you are! The thoughts we say in our minds to ourselves about anything we are dealing or doing in life have the real power whether we get things done or not. Did you know that even if you say "Oh gosh, this always happens to me" chances are you are always going to be a victim and come off negative. You do know that whatever frequency your mind runs on, it throws out that energy and in return attracts more of that!?! I have had to completely change up the way I speak to myself. When I began my 20 day cleanse of only eating raw fruits and raw veggies, Coach AD said, "Arie are you sure you're ready to tackle this?" I said, "Yea, easy breezy!" He said, "Oh you think this is going to be a breeze huh?" I replied, "It's only as hard or as easy as I make it. I'll be done with this in no time." Guess what, it wasn't easy but it wasn't as hard as others made it seem and simply because I programed my brain into thinking it was easy from the get go! So what thoughts are you choosing today? Let's start reprogramming our thoughts and bringing in all the great things we deserve in life!

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