Self Identifying and Our 30s

There is something to be said for a woman that can easily identify her place in this world. Yet, what is said for the woman that is struggling to find her place or her position? Is this ‘place’ something that we are born with or raised to have? How do we nurture this position if we think we have found it? Should we hunt for this place, with our shotgun and bait? Is this place in the world a place that we find happiness? 

Often, as women, we become either who we have been raised to be or the complete opposite of such. Our elders attempt to formulate what key personality factors we need to be the woman they intend us to be. Once that formula is created and our path is chosen, we choose to be who they have ordained us or we find a way to self identify.

Ladies, lets talk about self identifying. This is a topic less discussed solely on the dilemma that we have already identified who we are... because we are ‘WOMAN’. There is unspoken fear in accepting the truth that we may, in fact, find ourselves ‘unidentified’ and in our 30s. 

The only true truth, is that our 30s marks new territory! This is unmarked territory. You have the power to design yourself, your spirit, your passion and your soul power... at this very moment. We all have this power. You must take your energy and gain interest and control in how you plan to maintain your future as the creator of your identity. You must become your own and self identify.

The woman you are is far more than the formulated creation of your ancestors. She deserves her say. You can plant seeds to your own identity with the love you give yourself. Plant those seeds. You may need supporting tools to get the results you need. Activities such as writing, meditation, and reading are wonderful tools to aid in your path. 

In writing, you will gain patience with yourself. Take that time to map out your thoughts. Thus giving life to the plans and goals in your mind and heart. In meditation, you will find peace. Peace allows the silence that is needed to hear your inner desires. In reading, you will train your mind to process the thoughts of others and help you identify how your thoughts may be similar or different. 

Create your own self identifying space. Make a commitment to your identity. Are you the woman you want to be? Or have you become the woman that others intended you to be? 

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