save, stretch & make $$ during covid

I know that there is a lot going on and our world is in a state of chaos; however, why not use this time to get your finances in order. I am going to give you a few easy and practical tips on how to save some money, stretch your money and make some money during this pandemic. 

How to save Some money:

Tip #1: Stop having happy hours - Although this may sound funny, I am being 100% honest. Day drinking is not only an expensive habit, but it also cost you things like motivation and ambition. If you must have a drink opt for a night cap instead. 

Tip #2:  Stop eating everything in sight- We have all seen a spike in our grocery spending. Which is why this one is very important. You are likely not hungry but rather bored. Put the cookies down and pick up a book instead.

Tip #3: Don’t over purchase- when you are grocery shopping, buy only what you need because when we over purchase, especially items like fruits and vegetables, they often go bad before you even got around to using them. Oh, and please stop hoarding the toilet paper. Fun fact, toilet paper is an essential item and therefore, the factories are still making it which means that there is no need for hoarding. 

Tip #4: Make meals at home- opt to cook instead of using door dash and other delivery services. Especially, if you have a family because this can really add up. If you are not normally someone who cooks, check out the tasty app, NYT cooking app, yummly app for ideas and recipes. 

Tip #5: Stop mindlessly shopping- I know that in our boredom we can sometimes find ourselves online  scrolling through our favorite stores, pointing out everything that’s “so cute” or that “we can use”, I guarantee you,  if you scroll long enough you will find something to buy that you Don’t need. So, avoid scrolling through your favorite shopping sites due to boredom. 

Tip #6: Savings and investments- If you are still working and received a stimulus check and don’t particularly “need” it then open a savings account with that money. You can open a high interest savings account. Another option is to use the check to pay off that credit card that has been haunting you. That will save you money on interest.

Ways to stretch your money:

Tip #1: When grocery shopping, make sure to include staple items that can be used for multiple purposes. For example, potatoes are a great item that can be used for breakfast and dinner and are hardy. Also, a Brita which can be found on amazon for about $27, this will help stretch your money by not needing to purchase so many water bottles and it’s also better for the earth.


Tip #2: Ration out Smaller portions- Things that you buy in bulk or larger quantities, divide them up to make more. For example, if you buy a huge box of 

Tip #3. Stay on Schedule- This will be especially useful if you have children at home. Try to keep to an eating schedule to prevent overeating which can help to stretch out those grocery halls.

Ways to make some money:

Tip #1: Index funds- Use your stimulus check to start making some money for you! A typically family of 4, should have received a stimulus check of $3900, considering the stock market recently lost nearly 30% of it’s value, now might be a good time to invest for the future. Investing in an index fund can allow you to leverage the growth of the entire stock market instead of the much riskier option of picking individual stocks. This is not a get rich quick scheme but it’s a great way to plant a seed for your future. Check out Tony Robbin’s “The Unshakable” to get more details about index funds.

Tip#2: What are your hobbies? - If you have a hobby that can be useful during this time, start using it to make extra money. For example, if you know how to sew, start making masks for people to buy. Maybe you know how to braid hair, teach a zoom class on how to braid hair. If you are wondering how you will advertise during this time, it’s all about social media and word of mouth.  

Tip #3: Hustle Baby- If there has ever been anything that you have ever felt called to do in the past but “didn’t have the time to do it”, now is the time to pursue it. Build that empire boss babe!  I seen this and thought this was the perfect ending to my tips. 

I hope that these tips come in handy. Wishing you and your family’s tons of love and light. Stay healthy and Happy and remember that this too shall pass! 


Chantell Rodriguez

IG: @Chantell0522

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