I am more afraid of the panic of society than the Corona Virus itself. People are so frantic off of the media and the sad part is social media has made it so easy to share news that people are willingly reshaping bits and pieces of truths, post from unreliable sources and opinions and reactions from people who are panicking!

Listen, I understand that the virus is scary and is spreading fast, but we need to take a deep breath and think things through. I have spoken to doctor friends, nurse friends, teachers, scientist.. I mean I have been asking a lot of people their thoughts. This is what I have gotten most consistently... We need to avoid large crowds, wash our hands, if we feel sick we need to stay home. We should sneeze or cough into our elbows, avoid touching our faces but most importantly STAY CALM. This Corona virus has had more press than anything ever seen before. Everywhere I turn I see a post about it, news, articles, memes etc.... If we wash our hands as much as we check Instagram I think we will be in a good space.

In the last two weeks I have taken 4 flights adding up to over 16 hours of flight time. Instead of being afraid I decided to be cautious and make smart decisions. I grabbed some masks from my nail tech, wiped down my seats and seatbelts on the flight and use antibacterial sanitizer throughout my flight. When I landed I showered and got into some new clean clothes. I am not going to let fear and panic get to my head but I will still move smart and take the advice of those who know more about the virus than I do.

Someone said today, "If the NBA canceled the games, they have to know more than we know, they never cancel games." Yes that is true... but maybe they're just being smart and cautious. *throws hands up*

At this point it is all a waiting game, so let's stay prayed up and most importantly stay calm. Sending you all love and peace. XOXO

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