Low Fuss beauty Tips for Quarantine

Ok, so that full face beat feels a bit unnecessary right now. More power to you if you’re doing head-to-toe glam every day, you’re total #goals. But for many of us, economic uncertainty, anxieties around health, disinfecting everything, working from home and social distancing are taking up most of our bandwidth, and beauty is taking a back seat. 

Ironically, when times are tough, a little pampering goes a long way. It’s for this reason that beauty is historically a crisis and recession-proof industry. Studies have shown that many women the world over will spend their last proverbial dollar on lipstick!

Why? It’s a cliché, but looking good is feeling good. Even if you’re quarantining completely solo, you deserve to look in the mirror and feel your best. We’re not talking 45-minute smoky eyes; at this point that’s probably a waste of $50 NARS eyeshadow. Just a couple of little things to perk up your mood, so when you walk past reflective surfaces you say, ‘hey, not bad’ instead of ‘omg, ew!’ 

So here they are: your top 5 low fuss, at-home beauty rituals to remind you that you are still 100% that bitch. The best part? If you don’t have access to the female-founded products we’ve recommended (all available online) you probably have a #stayathome hack already in your kitchen pantry!

1.Take a bath

If you have a tub, fill it with your favorite products, salts, oils, bath bubble, bath bombs, rose petals – whatever you have under the bathroom sink.

Or you can try a Pink Honey Collective CBD bath bomb, $15.

Don’t have bath products handy? Check your kitchen pantry. All you need is sea salt! It will help detoxify and re-mineralize your skin. Other soothing, anti-inflammatory kitchen products you can add to your bath include: green tea, honey, almond milk and oatmeal (just maybe not all at the same time!).

If you don’t have a tub – do a foot bath. All you need for that is a bucket, or even a disposable foil baking tray! Sit it at the foot of the couch while you watch a movie and voila: a DIY foot soak

2.Use hand cream

It’s one of those gifts our grandma buys us and it sits in the nightstand, to be used once in a blue moon. Well, this is a blue moon. We are washing our hands constantly with anti-bacterial soap for 30 seconds, which is stripping our skin barrier, leaving us open to infection and also speeding up the aging process. All that lost moisture needs to be replenished and our hands are one of the first places to show signs of aging – so hand cream is your new BFF.

We recommend NCLA Beauty ‘Protect Your Jewels’ Sapphire Infused Hand Cream, $29

3.Mask on

The ‘I don’t have time’ excuse no longer works. There is officially nothing stopping you from face-masking. We tend to save our expensive products for special occasions (they do have an expiry date, you know!), but if a global emergency will teach you anything, it’s that there’s no time like the present. Face mask once or twice a week while stuck in the house, and you just might emerge from this quarantine looking 10 years younger with invisible pores!

We recommend Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask, $48

If you don’t have access to fancy masks, again: head to the kitchen. Honey is anti-inflammatory, avocado is super hydrating, pumpkin is full of AHAs, enzymes and Vitamins A, C and E. Put your ingredient of choice in a food processor and smooth onto skin!

4.Condition your brows and lashes

We don’t have access lash extension technicians or professional eyebrow maintenance right now, so take this time to start a growth serum program like Lash MD. The issue with these products is that they usually require about 3 weeks of continuous daily use to see results, which is difficult to commit to with our usual hectic lifestyles. But quarantine is the perfect time to transform your natural brows and lashes at home. 

We recommend Grande Lash MD Lash Enhancing Serum, $65

No access to a growth serum? Castor oil or even olive oil both work to condition brows and promote growth. 

5.No makeup-makeup

Maybe you’re not feeling it. Maybe you don’t want to waste makeup products. Maybe your skin is looking so great from all this masking that you don’t need it. And that’s totally fine. But maybe, just one day a week, you want to feel like your old self, so you pop on a thin layer of CC cream, some highlighter and bronzer for a quick glow, a coat of mascara (wow, hi eyelashes) and you fill in your brows. Aside from the cute selfies and facetime with bae, you’re going to feel a sense of overall normalcy that encourages productivity and routine in a crazy time. 

We recommend Lune & Aster Cover and Correct Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 50

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