Keeping our Mind & Body Healthy During Quarantine

As we all are moving through these uncertain times, unique times for that matter we are experiencing something that is happening for the first time in modern history, the entire world is self-isolating. While it is easy for us to get in a frenzy, we need to use this time to refocus and reset!  Many of us don’t have much time throughout our days to slow down and truly focus on ourselves, lack of time can be caused by a busy schedule; work, school, and family. Being that we have nothing but time as we wait this out, let us focus on self care while self isolating.

How can we keep our spirits up and our minds healthy? We can start by building a new routine, we are so accustomed to our normal routine prior to the pandemic. Building a new routine is a great way to ease anxiety and not consume ourselves with all that is going on. 

Exercising, another activity most of us struggle with as far as finding the time to do so. Stepping outside for a light jog or walk once a day if the weather permits is a great start. 

Limiting screen time by reading a book you never got to finish or indulging in whatever hobby makes you the happiest.

How can we keep our health in tip top shape? A few essentials we should all have in our kitchens right now to keep our bodies healthy are; Vitamin C which is known to boost the immune system. Stock up on raw apples, carrots, lemons, oranges, berries and peppers which are packed with Vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants, try to get whole foods rather than juices, if you can, to make the most of the nutrients.

Zinc; Shellfish, eggs, nuts and whole grains. Zinc is known to help maintain the body’s ability to make new cells and enzymes, process carbohydrate, fat and protein in food and minimizes symptoms of allergy sufferers.

Ginger; This warming antioxidant helps fight off cold and flu symptoms and combats nausea. Full of iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium it is also great for your gut. Ginger is also great for bacterial and viral infections such as colds, flu, chest infections and sore throats.

What about our skin? Should we still get up and get dressed just to sit in the house? Definitely! Getting up and making yourself presentable plays a huge part in how we are going to feel throughout the day! When we look good we feel good and by doing that alone, will make for a more productive day. 

The number one key to healthy skin as we all know is to hydrate, especially now that some of us are indulging more into alcohol (myself included) WATER, WATER, WATER & MORE WATER! We want to step out of quarantine looking as hydrated as ever. 

Catch some Zzz’s, we all lack the required hours our body’s need- now is the perfect time to catch up on some much needed beauty sleep. It will help boost your immune system, your mood and stress levels.

SPF is still important as UVA rays can penetrate through glass windows which can still put you at risk for premature aging and skin cancer.

Give your skin a vacation, there is no need to wear make up and by not doing that brings many benefits for your skin! 

Stick to a routine; Cleansing night & day, exfoliating and treating your self to a facial mask once or twice a week will make a world of difference.

Let us all continue to stay safe, self isolate and be kind to ourselves and others! Remember, we are not stuck at home… we are safe at home! ♥

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Camille Alexandria, L.E

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