Get up & show up

I know it's been hard, I know what it is like to feel tired, defeated and at times unmotivated. Trust me, I GET IT! But just because we feel it doesn't mean we have to let it win. WE cannot allow the "funk" to get the best of us. Here is what I do when I am feeling down.

I give myself 15 minutes to talk it through in my mind. What am I feeling? Where are these feelings coming from? Do I have control over the situation? Are my feelings valid? What can I do to change my energy? (after all it is in MY control)


I ask God to walk with me and give me strength to push forward.


I get up, I get dressed, I put on my favorite lipstick and SHOW UP for MYSELF!

You have to get used to be your own cheerleader!


If you are feeling like you need a little extra help to fight a funk you may be in, be sure to grab a copy of my book off amazon, "Fight the Funk".

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