Find the blessing in everything

Life is always going to throw you some highs and some lows.. hopefully more highs than lows, however its all about how you respond to those lows that builds your character. Do you let those lows define you and allow yourself to get stuck in the trial or do you shake it off and keep pushing? See, it is in the low moments in life that we build up our strength and it is in those moments that you see who really is there for you and who isn't. The lows are some of our best moments because they are the best teachers throughout this journey called life. If you can see the blessing in every low then I promise you, the low won't feel like the end. You will soon begin to switch your mentality and start realizing that those are just temporary moments that EVERYONE goes through. If you're going through a heartbreak be thankful that you were blessed to feel love, some don't even get to experience that. (P.s. that pain is only temporary) If you are stressed about paying rent, at least you have a rent to worry about, some people are sleeping on concrete floors without a roof over their head. If your child is driving you nuts and you don't know what to do with them, be thankful. Some people aren't able to have children or have lost theirs. Basically find the blessing in the highs and the lows.

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