Elevate your tribe

I've been mentoring women for a few years now. Currently I am coaching about 25-27 women on a weekly basis. A common question I hear is “How do I level up?” Or “What is my next move to grow my buisness”.... When you surround yourself with people who dream like you and move like you, you’ll begin to reach new levels and heights of yourself.

This doesn't mean cut off your childhood best friend or block your turn up friend, this just means cultivate a new tribe to spend more time with. Every person on Earth is on their personal journey, you have to hang and chat with people who dream the way you do. Build a tribe so powerful that when you sit with them for dinner you have "aha" moments. Eat with people who feed your dreams and spirit. Dinner with your tribe shouldn't just be about fueling your body.

On this weeks "The Hope Dealer Podcast" I drop a bunch of gems on the different types of people that surround us and why it is so important to build a new tribe. I also talk about what the next "next level" move may be for you. You have to be willing to do things that make you uncomfortable to be able to get to your next level. Sometimes that means making new friends, taking some time away from old ones. Sometimes it is doing the tedious work you have been avoiding doing even when your spirit has been screaming at you.

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