Creating good habits all 2019

I have always been a big book reader. From a young age my father use to surprise me when he got home from work with a new book about twice a week. I use to have 2 bookshelves full of books as a young child. I have a very vivid and creative imagination which I am sure has stemmed from creating this habit of reading from a small age. I love all types of books, from romance to healing. I have no "favorite" type of book for I simply enjoy letting my mind wander off into another world.

Last year was a year that was mentally draining for me which left very little time for me to read. I believe that it took me a lot longer to build strength from the hits life threw at me last year because my mind wasn't as strong as it usually is. This year I want to really improve on building my good habits back up. Starting with reading more again. I just ordered a bookshelf that I plan to fill up with good reads.

I also have a Facebook group called "Rising from Within" where I post motivational quotes and blurbs from time to time. I realized that I am the happiest and most healed when I share uplifting words with others. As I heal and motivate others the same work is done unto me.

So what does this all mean... I am opening up the group for the first time to the public.. my fans and followers. In this group I will share what I am reading, with the help of my good friend Tashell, she is an avid reader and is always sharing great reads with me. We can talk about the books, order together and uplift one another. We will be able to ask each other questions when we need help with anything life may throw our way this year. This is for men and women so we welcome you all!

Here is the link for the group

Also, if you haven't picked up my new book "Rising from Within" I now have them up for sale on my website! Grab your autographed copy today!

Arie Rose, author of "A guide to Fight The Funk and Slay in Everyway" has sat down to create another golden book with her father Rudy Martinez. Arie believes that, "Anyone can hand you a million dollars, connect you with all the right people to succeed in life and tell you exactly how to do it, but if your mind is not right and you do not believe in yourself, you won't succeed."Arie's father, Rudy Martinez, born and raised in Mexico, has had more than his fair share of obstacles in life like most immigrants. Ever since a young age her father has always instilled valuable lessons to help guide her through life. "All I can do is teach you right from wrong in my home, what you do when you walk out that door is on you." Arie teaches us quick easy steps on how to rise within after each chapter and shares heart felt stories in this book. This book is broken down into three areas, "The old you, The new you and The evolution of you." She firmly believes that the person you have been waiting to become is already inside of you waiting to be released.

"Why wait to become who you already are within"- Arie Rose

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