A gal pal...

There is nothing like finding your tribe. Your tribe should consist of women (&men) that stand by you, brainstorm with you and place your name in rooms full of opportunities when you are not around.

For years, I surrounded myself with childhood friends who were a ton of fun, but I lost out on so much time working on my passion and my career. I still keep in touch with them, but I have learned to categorize my friends. I have my vacation friends, my family friends, my forever child hood friends, etc... Not every friend has to be involved in every aspect of your life. And not every friend has to have equal amount of time from you.

I can go months without talking to some of my friends but when we chat we pick right back up. The tribe I talk to on a daily are the people I build with. The people I mention at the top of this chat. Those are who I invest in, these are the people I can build my future and my businesses with. You may choose to surround yourself with who you wish and divide your time as you wish.. I choose the people who choose me on a daily. There is a way to still be friends with people and love them from afar!!


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