2020 is still my year

With a show of hands, how many of you on January 1, 2020 thought to yourself, this is going to be my year? I’m going to crush ever goal that I set. Whether you were you planning to go back to school, maybe learn a new language, start to live a healthier lifestyle, or Maybe it was something completely different.

That was 100 percent me, I wrote out each of my goals very clearly with an execution date right next to it.  I was off to a great start, as I am sure you were too and then suddenly our world was hit with mass chaos. On March 17, 2020 Santa Clara County was mandated to shelter in place and only go out for essential business. 

Our world was in shock and our lives as we knew them were changed.  People really didn’t know what to do with themselves. Random challenges began to fill social media feeds, eating all day seemed to become popular and TV binging was at an all-time high. You started to see and really feel our world begin to shift, hope started to fade, and fear started to creep in due to the uncertainty that we were facing. In fact, people began to fight over toilet paper, Different media coverages were giving conflicting information, companies started to lay people off, schools started closing and essentially for most people  all those 2020 goals went right out the window.   

It’s now April 10th, almost a month later, and we still don’t have all the facts. The only thing we know for certain is that we are going to be under this shelter in place order through April 30 and that’s being optimistic. We are amid a crazy season, and this virus is very real. We are having to continuously adjust, which is inevitable but can be terrifying for some people. 

But I’d like to share a quote by Kitty O’Meara

With that said, Let’s shift gears because this speech is not about dark and gloomy. This speech is about embracing the uncertainty and making the conscious decision to mentally shift up. Perspective is everything, especially during these uncertain times. Allow yourself to Focus on the positive and stay in a state of gratitude because this is not the time to cower in fear, this is the time for us to rise. Joshua 1:9 Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. You see, God didn’t give us a spirit of fear. 

There are no accidents, and there are certainly no surprises for our God. In December of 2019 God put it into my heart and my spirit that 2020 was going to be MY year. A year of breakthrough, a year of transformation, a year of courage and I have unwavering faith that that’s still holds true today because its only my God that can turn a mess into a message and a test into testimony. 

I am embracing this time of shelter in place to level up. I’m reading the books that I didn’t have time to read, I’m sharing my gift with the world by Offering free coaching for those struggling during these times, estoy practicando me espanol , I’m spending QT with my family. I refuse to let anything or anyone stand in the way of what God has promised me for 2020.

Our faith is no doubt being tested, but today I’m challenging you to shift up and realize this situation is very much a blessing in disguise and there couldn’t be a better time to strengthen yourself mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. This is the time to prepare yourself for whatever it is that God laid on your heart for 2020. Stay focused and use this time wisely because as god said, “this too shall pass” and when it does, there are going to be 2 types of people. 1. The people who utilized this time to improve themselves and their circumstances and 2. The people who wasted their time. If you take anything away from this speech, please remember these 3 tips:

  1. Embrace your circumstances, and use a shift up mentality because life is all about growth.

  2. Perspective is EVERYTHING, so stay in a place of gratitude.

  3.  Don’t cower in Fear, stay strong, courageous and grounded in faith.  

In the end, 2020 is still going to be my year!

So, now I’m asking you … Is 2020 going to be your year too?

BlogHER Babe

Written by: Chantell Rodriguez 

IG: @chantell0522

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