In 2011, I was driving past downtown San Jose after having dinner with some girlfriends at the Old Spaghetti Factory and I remember looking out and seeing so many homeless people on the sidewalks and parks under tarps, cardboard boxes and blankets. I was in my car with the heater on and my coat on and all I could think was, " I can't even begin to imagine what those people are feeling out there in these 40 degrees trying to stay warm. I got home and I coudn't sleep, I kept thinking about how blessed I was, warm, and so many people were not. The next day I called a few of my buddies from the SF 49ers, my buddies who were owners at the time of Clubhouse SJ, called a buddy who was a graphic designer to make me a flyer & a dj friend for music... within 24 hours I had put together an event for a "Coat Drive". 


Two weeks later I collected 200 coats for the homeless. I loaded up my car and went to the parks, sidewalks & under bridges. To my surprise and unfortunately most would not accept my coats and said they didn't need my help. I remember going to my car crying and staring at all these new and great coats. I went home feeling defeated but refused to be defeated. I pulled out my laptop and googled churches & shelters. The next day I set off and went to women's shelters for battered women who lived there with their littes. They were in tears so thankful, I went home feeling accomplished and so grateful that I could give back. I decided from then on I wanted to help families and the little ones going forward. 


The next year I put together a Toy Drive for my 2nd event and it's been a success ever since thanks be to God, my friends and all of you who come year in and year out for a great cause. 


It's a Blessing to be a Blessing 

annual toy drive

with Miss Teen USA  

Chris Cook & Donte Johnson of the 

San Francisco 49ers